…‬Blends a charm and sensuality with the edginess of a sharp wit. These traits lend themselves to a wide range in his work. With a Leading man style,to the diversity of a chosen Character role, he brings his intelligence,emotional perceptiveness, and sense of detail to his profession. Always remembering to enjoy the process and have fun with those he works. He is proud to have been schooled by some of the wisest bearers of the craft.

Since the age of 4 Cory has expressed his creativity through stage and a smooth singing voice. At age 7, film captivated his interest. In his early teens he made a series of ‘shoe string’ Indies.‭

 He met and was inspired by the famous New York Voice Coach/Teacher Andy Thomas Anselmo whom quickly brought Cory’s focus to furthering his career. Cory auditioned and was chosen 1 of 8 Nationally for a master class with Broadway icon Mandy Patinkin. Soon after he was one of the rare exceptions to receive full scholarship to the legendary ‘Circle in The Square’ acting school in Manhattan; Alan Langdon, Terry Hayden, and Jacqueline Brookes were some of his instructors.

Though talent and passion for performance come naturally to Cory, he never ran in Industry circles, nor 'Connections' to make his career path any easier when he started; Nor does he take ANY opportunity for granted.

 Additionally Singing and Modeling are an active part of Cory’s career. Always seeking the next good project and working his craft constantly with teachers and workshops.

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